Who Put the Race in the Human Race?

Written by Matt

April 18, 2019

My Dad’s older sister, Aunt Lois, once gave our son a children’s book with great insight.  It was called, “Who Put The Race In The Human Race?”  The basic idea is that we, as humans on this tiny planet, don’t really need to compete and struggle too hard to be in harmony with nature, to get more resources than the next guy.  But… we do.

And that is a source of great stress & anguish.

It’s not necessary to be first, or to make being first important.  But, there seems to be something inherent in the human species that makes us strive to be bigger, better, brighter, stronger, faster… And chief possessor of all the toys & luxury.

Christopher Chase makes the case that this has lasted well over 2000 years within the world’s most competitive civilizations.  I can barely believe this didn’t start several dozens, of millenia before then.